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Catch As Catch Can

Some photographs require lots of planning, testing and trial and error.  Others are seen only if you are looking
and are willing to take the chance to make them.

On a trip west Elvis happened to be crossing the Mighty Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien, WI.  A thunderstorm had just moved through and as the headlights hit the rising road of the box girder bridge the scene below unfolded.



As usual when seeing nice opportunities from a moving vehicle, Elvis was thinking, "That would make a pretty nice picture, but it's a long drive, I'm tired, how can I stop in the middle of the road, bla, bla, bla".  But the sign welcoming travelers to Iowa read, "Iowa, The Land of Opportunities", so Elvis decided to take a chance.  He drove back across the river, turned around, waited for a group of cars to pass and parked his car slap bang in the middle of the road with the high beams on.  He quickly grabbed his trusty Olympus OM-1n with 50mm lens and put it on a tripod.  He set the aperture at 2.8 and watched the needle as he switched between shutter speeds.  Estimating a time of 2-3 seconds based on the needle movement he took one shot at 2 seconds and another at 3 seconds.  Then quickly ran to the car to get off the middle of the highway, at night, in the rain.  Whew!

A month passed (vacation over, film sent in for processing) and the yellow box of Kodak Kodachrome slides finally arrived.  The reward for taking the chance and not passing up the opportunity was in that little yellow box.