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The Forest Through The Trees

Sometimes it's easy to forget just why we take pictures.  Some times it's to create art.  Other times it's just for fun.  Many times it's to document an event or a person or a place.  But for some hard-core photographers it's about production.  Gotta make the images.  Elvis thinks this attitude kills creativity.  If you start making photographs for the sake of making photographs all inspiration is gone.  And when inspiration is gone the likelihood of making something worthwhile goes effectively to zero.

Another sure way to zero-creativity madness is when we focus (pun intended) on equipment.  Gotta get that new Nikon lens or that new Canon 60D, then my photographs will be great.  You get the new thing and start snapping away.

Without a specific purpose it's difficult to create something, anything, worthwhile.  If you're in that rut, stop.  Think about what you're doing and why you're doing it.  Only with purpose can we get inspired.  Only with inspiration can we create lasting photographs.  It's not about the doing, it's about the why.  Even if the why is simply to have some fun.  Elvis thinks having fun should be a specific purpose in everyone's life.

Forest on Cana Island, Door County, Wisconsin.  HDR image taken with Nikon D3s and 14-24mm lens.

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