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These “About” pages are a bit self-serving.  But it seems that people enjoy them since they afford some insight about the person whose words they’re reading.  So here goes;

Elvis likes to think of himself thusly;

Creative thinker
Idea generator
Problem solver

But his humble background won’t let him get away with that flowery, corporate-speak, gobbledygook.  And it’s probably not true.


Elvis Kennedy was born in an Iowa town of 52 people to a mother and father who loved him fully and unconditionally.  They still do today.  If Elvis has any strength of character - that’s where it comes from.


Here is the first known photograph of Elvis.  Featured are Elvis’ parents and two sets of godparents (best ever!).  And little Mark B., seen peeking around the camera lens in the lower left.  Elvis is the tiny guy wrapped in the swaddling clothes.



Here is the first photograph ever taken by Elvis.


An 8th grade science project was a home made camera.  Students were instructed to fold stiff construction paper into a box and then poke a hole (lens and aperture) in one of it's sides.  Next, tape a flap of paper to cover the hole and act as the shutter.  Then in a dark room, cut a piece of photographic paper just big enough to stick in the little box opposite from the lens/aperture hole (half the students put the paper in backwards which resulted in no picture, lowering the curve and allowing Elvis to get a higher grade).  The estimated exposure was four minutes.  The long exposure time prompted the instructor to forbid students to take pictures of each other since, his reasoning went, none of the kids could hold still long enough.  One thing you need to know about Elvis - when someone tells him he can’t do something, he does everything in his power to do that very thing.

The hardest part was convincing schoolmate Pat Q. to join Elvis in his civil disobedience.  That’s Pat on the left (unable to hold still), and Elvis on the right, keeping an eye on his wristwatch the entire four minutes.

The science project was fun but it was Elvis’ older brother Willy who introduced him to the real world of photography.  In high school Willy was a photography buff and saved every penny so that he could buy himself a Minolta SRT-102 camera and set up a dark room.  Elvis thought the Minolta, the strips of negatives and the darkroom work were all terrific.  Watching the images magically appear in the developer tray was electrifying.  So he started saving his pennies and in a few years purchased an Olympus OM-1n SLR camera with a 50mm lens.  Elvis has been puttering around in photography ever since.


Partial Client List

These are some of the companies that Elvis has done work for;

  • Sports
  • ABC Television Network
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Home Box Office (HBO)
  • AOL
  • ESPN
  • New York Post
  • CSTV
  • New England Patriots
  • Mad TV
  • Getty
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Inside Wisconsin Sports


If you’ve gotten this far allow Elvis to indulge you with some information about his previous website and blog which now resides on the Blogger website.  Elvis loves bicycling.  The old website was dedicated to bicycling.  You can still read that stuff by going to; Elvis Kennedy's Old Cycling Blog.  Some of the links are dead and most of the pictures are gone but the writing is still there.